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Autor Thema: LEGO® Universe Opens Nexus Tower, Receives Major Content Update  (Gelesen 2029 mal)


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LEGO® Universe Opens Nexus Tower, Receives Major Content Update
« am: 27. Mai 2011, 19:50:45 Nachmittag »

LEGO® Universe Opens Nexus Tower, Receives Major Content Update
May 23, 2011 –There is an exciting content update coming soon to LEGO® Universe. The game’s community banded together to complete the Nexus Tower, which will stand tall as the largest in-game structure ever built! The Nexus Tower will serve as the new headquarters for the four Factions of the Nexus Force, protecting Imagination from the chaotic Maelstrom, and giving players a new epicenter for socializing, shopping and traveling to the many different worlds within the LEGO Universe.
Tons of new content is being released for players to explore in Nexus Tower. This will include new Faction-exclusive pets, over 50 new missions, and access to a new Vault system, where players can keep extra models and gear. A multitude of new in-game items, including a powerful line of two-handed Valiant Weapons, will also be available in Nexus Tower.
Plus, players will be able to meet and interact with their Faction Leaders for the first time, and will learn exciting new storyline details about the history of the Universe. Other new characters and shop vendors will join the ever-growing LEGO Universe cast with this update too - some of which are modeled after the collectible minifigure product line, which will be especially exciting for LEGO fans in the game.
A new video trailer and screenshots have been released to showcase all the new content coming to LEGO Universe. Those assets, along with more details, are available in the full announcement on
If you are unfamiliar with LEGO Universe…
Itis the first massively-multiplayer online game (MMOG) based on the LEGO brick-building play experience. It’s a great way for families to play together, battling chaos with creativity in a safe online environment. Players can build, explore, battle, make friends and bring their wildest creations to life – all in an exciting online world of LEGO past, present and future. Learn more at
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