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Autor Thema: KLIKK (H) contest  (Gelesen 1561 mal)

Karl Kiss

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KLIKK (H) contest
« am: 23. Oktober 2011, 15:25:26 Nachmittag »

Have you ever heard about Matthias King and his dreaded Black Army? What about the Mongolian Invasion? Lets think again the Hungarian history; build it from LEGO bricks!

Build up anything which has any relevance to Hungarian history (events, buildings, sagas, legends, or even significant persons who were involved in forming it) from Saint Stephans coronation to 1686 when Buda was taken back. Afterwards sign up with it to the building contest organized by the KLIKK Hungarian fan community and!

The rules are easy:

The photos of your creation have to arrive until 23:59 the 4th of December 2011 the latest to address. Send at least 3 and the most 5 photos which are not allowed to be over 1MBs.
Give a title to you creation, but dont attach a story or a description. Let the bricks tell it themselves.
Each contestant can apply with only a single creation. If you send more we would only take in consideration the first one, even if the others are far cooler.
Sign up with a creation that has never been shown before in any contests.
Forget the clones, use only original LEGO bricks.
Take care of the bricks; let them be each in a perfect condition. You are free to use stickers.
The creation at the end shouldnt be larger than 48x48 studs. It can be smaller than this, and there is also no limit in height.

Even if you dont possess millions of grey fortress bricks, dont hesitate to build. As the II. World War wasnt fought by black and white soldiers, in the Middle Age people already knew colors as white, red, blue, yellow, and many more. So that is not a reason.

Creations will be judged until the 9th of December by a group of 10, so in case point equality would appear, the order will be decided by voting again on the equally judged creations. As in each previous contest of ours, the judging will be performed in anonymity, and only after finishing the whole judging procedure the names will be paired with the creations.

Of course not only the first three will be awarded, so be creative and youll have the chance to win one of our special awards.

1st place 7952 Kingdoms advent calendar
2nd place 3838 Lave Dragon game
3rd place 7953 Kingdoms set + Ninjago key chain

The announcing of the prizes will be after the 12th of December on or or on their facebook pages.
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Ich spreche nicht so gut Deutsch. Entschuldigen Sie bitte!