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Autor Thema: Änderungen im Lego VIP-Programm  (Gelesen 517 mal)


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Änderungen im Lego VIP-Programm
« am: 27. März 2019, 22:41:21 Nachmittag »

The LEGO VIP rewards program is changing and going digital

The LEGO VIP rewards program is changing and going digital. Starting in June, LEGO will be launching a new online rewards center with digital VIP cards that will “introduce some new ways to earn and spend VIP points.” The changes follow a beta program launched earlier this month offering a few users mobile wallet versions of their VIP cards on Apple or Android devices while also promising “targeted and personalized offers sent directly to your phone.”

While the digital push is framed as being part of LEGO’s environmentally conscious “Planet Promise,” physical cards will still be available upon request. There are no planned changes to existing VIP points or values, though VIP accounts must now be registered online and connected with a unique e-mail address.

VIP points will also now be valid for 18 months with the expiration countdown clock renewing after every purchase, essentially extending their life indefinitely for fans who make a LEGO purchase at least once every year and a half (a change from the points expiring two years after earning them if they were not used).

There are many benefits to the LEGO VIP Program including signing up for free, accruing points toward discounts on future purchases, early access to select product launches, as well as access to other offers and promotions throughout the year. (For example, the LEGO Store is running double VIP points through the end of March.) Going digital will hopefully lead to faster communication about new offers and more clarity about LEGO’s reward system.

However, the LEGO VIP Program has had several missteps in the past including the exclusive Black VIP Card roll-out which promised “exclusive contests, exclusive rewards, exclusive access” and then hardly delivered, as well as tracking and enforcing hard purchase limits across several online orders. It remains to be seen what the “new ways to earn and spend VIP points” will be, but we are cautiously optimistic based on past promises if the program remains true to providing loyalty rewards and doesn’t veer toward increased tracking with even more fragmented offers than currently exist.

We will publish more information about the changes when it is announced, but in the meantime you can read the full email announcement from LEGO after the jump.

TL;DR: Es wird eine digitale Version der VIP-Karte mit personalisierter Werbung geben.

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Re: Änderungen im Lego VIP-Programm
« Antwort #1 am: 28. März 2019, 06:12:56 Vormittag »

zweite wichtige Aussage: Punkte verfallen, wenn man 18 Monate lang nichts einkauft. Gut, wird von uns niemanden treffen.


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Re: Änderungen im Lego VIP-Programm
« Antwort #2 am: 22. November 2019, 10:47:10 Vormittag »

TL;DR: Es wird eine digitale Version der VIP-Karte mit personalisierter Werbung geben.
Ich muß jetzt mal blöd fragen: Wie kommt man an die digitale Karte? Ich finde dazu keine Antwort auf und finde auch keine entsprechende App.


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Re: Änderungen im Lego VIP-Programm
« Antwort #3 am: 23. November 2019, 08:46:52 Vormittag »

ich weiß nicht ob sich was geändert hat, aber offenbar kann nicht jeder eine digitale vip card beantragen: