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Brick Train Awards 2021: Ergebnisse


Maciej Kocot (Toltomeja) teilt die Information über die Ergebnisse des Wettbewerbes "Brick Train Awards 2021" mit.
Es sind sehr schöne Beiträge dabei:

I have the honour and pleasure to share the results of Brick Train Awards 2021. A group of Zbudujmy To members won in Group Display category, with their enormous and detailed train layout. It has been one of the main highlights of multiple exhibitions, and it's still growing!

Feel free to take a look at the results here (besides the group display, there's a lot of good stuff - congrats!):


For more, you can visit Mateusz's Flickr gallery from oneof our exhibitions:


Schöne Modelle, allerdings war ich überrascht, als ich die Westbahn gesehen habe. Da musste ich sofort an Alois denken.


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