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Public Survey to Learn About Website User Experience bis December 9th.


Jordan Paxton ermittelt durch eine Umfrage unsere Meinung!

 The LEGO Group is interested in learning more about a user experience that is offered at, we have put together a survey to get feedback from you and your community members. This is a public survey and is open to everyone. It will be great to get different perspectives as the experience that Toy Sphere offers is different then other webstores.



The Survey will close Wednesday December 9th.

Survey Questions:

1.       How do you find the user experience of the site what are the pleasure points and what are the pain points?

2.       Who do you think is the audience for this site? AFOLs? Kids? Parents? A mix? Moderate LEGO enthusiasts? Other?

3.       What would you change, add or remove from the way the site works right now?

4.       What else could you imagine LEGO doing with such an interface?

5.       In which country do you live?

Thank you


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