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Autor Thema: The LEGO Group will focus on BrickLink Studio and pull back support for LEGO® D  (Gelesen 4025 mal)


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 At the end of January 2022, BrickLink Studio will be the LEGO Group’s only public digital building software program, giving fans worldwide the opportunity to build models with an endless bin of bricks. Currently, the LEGO Group maintains two public 3D building programs: BrickLink Studio and LEGO® Digital Designer, known as LDD. The LEGO Group is committed to supporting the digital building community and, as such, will focus on Studio and will withdraw support for LDD. As a result, LDD will no longer be available for download after January 31, 2022. We are focusing 100% of our efforts on one building software. The BrickLink Studio software brings an integrated and excellent experience of designing, building, ordering bricks and sharing digital designs.

We’ll continue to support the digital building community by focusing on BrickLink Studio, while LDD will be retired. This means that after the end of January, it will no longer be possible to download the program from Fans with a current desktop version of LDD can continue using this program. However, the software won’t be updated or maintained. Additionally, it will no longer be possible to download LDD from after end-January. Starting February 1st, visitors to will be redirected to BrickLink Studio. The BrickLink Studio team and community are excited and ready to welcome LDD Fans and help them get onboarded to BrickLink Studio.

If you have any memories you want to share about your experience with LDD or BrickLink Studio, please share them in the comment field below. Also, if you get any questions from community members: we’re here to support. So please do connect here on the LAN and be the voice and we’ll do our best to offer answers and support to LDD users.

A special episode of LEGO Bits N' Bricks Podcast will be dedicated to digital building with LEGO bricks. Subscribe to the podcast to get a notification when it’s out.

Please find BrickLink press release attached to this topic – the information can be shared today, January 12th after 5 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

On behalf of Tormod Askildsen, Head of AFOL Engagement and Casper Thingholm, Head of BrickLink.