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Minifigure Factory has returned to in the USA!


We’re excited to share that Minifigure Factory has returned to in the USA. This follows a successful pilot from July-Sept 2022 where we offered a very similar experience to the in-store Minifigure Factory and had some fantastic and extremely valuable feedback from our fans and shoppers. 

We heard you loud and clear in 2022 that you wanted more pieces to choose from so we’ve doubled the number of elements you can choose for your head piece, head, lower body, and accessory, as well as making lots of changes behind the scenes to ensure we can print even more Minifigures. What we’re still working on is enabling you to purchase multiple Minifigures in the same order (it’s all down to knowing which personalized torso goes with which accessory when we’re packing them), but we know that this is important if you want to create your family or friends. Our ambition is to have this feature live by the summer. Also coming soon is the free drawing feature which is available in store and enables you to go beyond the pre-configured sticker designs we’ll be offering. We recognize this is key to being able to create a character exactly how you would like it. Ultimately, we wanted to put Minifigure Factory live again as soon as possible so we can check that we’re working on the most important things to ensure it’s the best experience it can be!  

For those of you not in the USA, don’t worry – expansion is also firmly in our plans and although there’s nothing finalized yet we will share updates along the way.

If can experience this relaunched experience here:


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