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Autor Thema: Celebrating 25 Years of LEGO Star Wars With The '25-Second Film Festival'  (Gelesen 632 mal)


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Hi everyone, wanted to share an invitation on behalf of the LEGO Star Wars team to participate in a really fun celebration of LEGO Star Wars that's also a great platform for you and your community's creativity.

Worth noting that any Films that are featured will appear on the official LEGO YouTube channel or between the May 4th and 25th.

So please help spread the word and scroll down for more info... (and a really fun video)

Hello there.

This year is the 25th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars (yes, its really been 25 years) and were going to spend it celebrating the fan communitys incredible creativity. We put out the sets, but its your imagination that makes LEGO Star Wars.

How are we celebrating fan creativity?

Introducing The 25-Second Film Festival.

We want to invite fans across the galaxy, like you, to submit any film in any style - stop motion brick films, hand-drawn films, films made with CGI etc - as long as it's 25-seconds long and represents LEGO Star Wars sets and Minifigures.

Film-making masters are welcome, and creative padawans too; anyone with an idea is invited to bring it to life and submit. You can recreate your favourite Star Wars moments, or forge a new one with the LEGO Star Wars characters, places and ships you treasure - whatever shows off your love for the galaxy.

This is your blank canvas to tell your own LEGO Star Wars story, and The LEGO Groups opportunity to celebrate the community's creativity in the way it deserves to be celebrated.

Never tell me the odds details

Submissions are open on between March 1st and April 22nd. We encourage you to read the rules before making your film, so you stand the best chance of creating something thatll be accepted. Films that dont meet the guidelines wont pass moderation and wont be featured in the festival.

Youre invited to create something bespoke for the festival, or if youve got a previous creation thatd be a perfect fit, thats welcome too.

The 25-Second Film Festival then launches on May 4th. Films that are featured will appear on the official LEGO YouTube channel or between the May 4th and 25th.

Whilst this isnt a competition and there wont be any winners, youll get access to exclusive digital rewards through LEGO Insiders just for submitting!

So, what are we asking of you?

Wed hugely appreciate you spreading the word about The 25-Second Film Festival to your audience or community!

Weve enclosed our launch film (warning: may cause popcorn cravings) to show how were kicking everything off and putting out the call for entries. Feel free to include it in your overage! On our anniversary page, you and fellow fans will find a series of 25-second films that we commissioned to get the ball rolling, made by a mix of studios, individual creators and AFOL filmmakers - all of whom are fans. They can be watched over at (youll find some still from these enclosed too though).

And lastly, if you personally have an idea for a film, or something you made a while ago thatll fit nicely into 25-seconds, wed love for you to submit!

Thank you, and may the Force be with you...